Traditional and modern
NCalma Homes

NCalma Homes is a group of unique properties located in Ibiza in the Balearic Islands.

Each of the properties has a unique and particular design that harmonises with the nature and spirit of Ibiza. The properties focus on three fundamental pillars which are luxury, sustainability and comfort.



NCalma Homes shows us in its design how the traditional and the modern complement each other to create the most pleasant and warm spaces for your home in Ibiza in its traditional architecture similar to Mediterranean architecture, but with its own variation. It has unique elements such as the white colours that integrate with the turquoise waters of the sea or its simplicity and pragmatism.

NCalma Homes has taken these elements and created the Herencia, Waves, Waves Marina and Tarida projects around the island of Ibiza.

Herencia by NCalma Homes, located in Santa Eulalia del Río and just five minutes from the beach, is a property with a traditional modern design that can be seen in its wooden shutters, wrought iron railings and handcrafted latticework on the façade and large windows among which some of its flats (studio type) have views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The interior of each flat has a modern and simple decoration.


Waves by NCalma Homes, also located in Santa Eulalia del Rio is a project that seeks a more modern style in its exterior, in which you can identify the architectural form that represents a wave of the Mediterranean Sea which mainly characterizes this property.

In Waves you will be able to observe the native nature of the island which maintains the traditional style of the gardens of Ibiza and an interior that combines the simplicity of elegant homes with bedrooms, living rooms and terraces with modern and high quality furniture.

In the same way its design is oriented in order to enjoy the maximum amount of sun hours as its orientation from east to west allows to observe sunrises and sunsets.


Waves Marina by NCalma Homes on the other hand explores more modern design by taking elements from nature to create a home in Santa Eulalia with sea views and direct access to the promenade.

The property is built from natural materials such as wood and white stone finishes that unite the interiors with the terraces, keeping the traditional and adapting it to a modern and comfortable design.

Its sea view flats located on the first floor also have large gardens with typical Ibiza nature.


Tarida by NCalma Homes on the other hand is the property of NCalma Homes located in the beautiful Cala Tarida in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia.

Tarida is a residential complex with a traditional style of colours between white tones and with typical stones that characterize the Mediterranean.

The houses in Tarida have a very traditional design with white walls with Mediterranean stones, white or Ibicencan stone floors, roof terraces with views of the sea and the native nature. Tarida is surrounded by a pine forest that shows the beautiful nature of Ibiza and is located only 5 to 10 minutes walk from the beach of Cala Tarida to enjoy sunny days.



In conclusion, NCalma Homes properties are ideal to feel the spirit of Ibiza in your new home and enjoy such a pleasant destination where you can have great experiences for you, your family, partner or friends.