What type of housing will be in demand in 2024?
How the Real Estate Market is Shaping Up in the Face of Emerging Trends

Real estate is a constantly evolving market, and the demand for housing adjusts to the changing needs and desires of an increasingly ephemeral society.

Over time, trends in the housing market evolve to reflect individual priorities. While we cannot predict with certainty, a number of studies provide clear insights into the key characteristics that shape the type of housing that will be in demand in 2024.


One of the most notable elements in the demand for housing in 2024 will undoubtedly be energy efficiency. More and more people are prioritising sustainability when exploring the real estate market.

Studies reveal that up to an impressive 79% of energy-efficient real estate assets will experience stronger growth in the coming years compared to those without this feature.

The penchant for planned communities and revitalised urban areas is a trend that will stand out in 2024. Buyers are looking for residences located in areas that offer access to services, shops, green spaces and public transport options. Proximity to urban centres and the convenience of having everything within easy reach are particularly attractive attributes.

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In 2024, automation and smart technology have become crucial elements in the demand for housing. Connected homes, equipped with security, climate and entertainment systems controlled by smart devices, are experiencing a steady rise in popularity.

The ability to manage lighting, heating, security systems and entertainment from the palm of your hand via a mobile app or virtual assistants is an added attraction for those looking for a modern, tech-savvy home.

In 2024, interior design and personalisation will play a major role in the choice of housing. The trend is towards individualisation and the ability to tailor space to personal preferences and needs. Buyers are looking for residences that offer flexibility in design and layout, allowing them to express their personal expression and create a home that reflects their unique lifestyle. Details such as colour palette, finishing materials, decorative elements and the layout of interior spaces are highly valued. Buyers are looking for versatility and flexibility that allows them to create a truly personalised and welcoming environment.


In summary, the year 2024 seems to follow the trend set in 2023, focusing on sustainability, personalisation and technology. The demand for housing reflects a lifestyle increasingly geared towards environmental awareness and adaptation to the changing needs of evolving societies.