Transform a magical corner

Inspirational ideas for renovating a child’s bedroom


At NCalma Homes, we believe that every corner of your home deserves the attention and love it deserves, especially when it comes to the spaces intended for the little ones. Ready to turn the children’s bedroom into a truly magical corner? Here are some inspirational ideas to bring the perfect renovation to life.

Enchanting Themes: Dive into the world of imagination by choosing enchanting themes for their bedroom. From exotic jungles to space adventures, the possibilities are endless. Add details such as murals, themed bedding and accessories that spark creativity.


Vibrant Colour Palettes: Vibrant colour palettes not only stimulate the senses, but also create a cheerful atmosphere in your little one’s bedroom. Combine soft pastel tones with bright colours to achieve a balance that stimulates energy and at the same time invites tranquillity.

New darlings


Cosy Reading Corners: Encourage a love of reading by creating cosy reading corners. Place shelves with picture books, soft cushions and a soft lamp to build a space where imagination can flourish.


Functional and fun furniture: Opt for furniture that not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a touch of fun. Playfully shaped beds, creative desks and innovative storage can transform the bedroom into a place of play and learning.


Dreamy lighting: Lighting plays a key role in creating a magical atmosphere. Add unusually shaped lamps, garlands of lights and nightlights that project stars for a touch of magic before bedtime.


Personalisation with Art: Invite little ones to be part of the decorating process. Hanging their own artwork, displaying crafts and personalising walls with handmade murals in their own bedroom creates a sense of ownership and pride in their space.


Sensory Elements: Integrate sensory elements to stimulate your senses. Soft-touch rugs, curtains that let in soft light and tactile elements such as fluffy cushions add layers of comfort and sensory stimulation.

New darlings


At NCalma Homes, we are passionate about transforming spaces into magical havens. These inspirational ideas are just the beginning of how you can turn your child’s bedroom into a corner full of imagination and enchantment.

Let the magic begin in your little one’s bedroom!