Summer routines to balance body and mind

En el oasis de serenidad que es NCalma Homes, el verano se convierte en la oportunidad perfecta para cultivar un equilibrio armonioso entre cuerpo y mente. Descubre cómo mantener una rutina de bienestar en casa durante la cálida temporada estival, aprovechando al máximo el entorno tranquilo y lujoso de NCalma Homes en Ibiza.

Yoga and stretching

Start your mornings with energy and vitality by practicing yoga or stretching on the terrace or in the gardens. The gentle breeze and tranquil surroundings of Ibiza will provide the perfect setting to connect with your body and set a positive tone for the day.

Connect with nature

Enjoy relaxing walks at sunset. The surrounding nature and soft sunset light provide a serene environment to reflect, clear your mind and immerse yourself in the beauty of Ibiza’s surroundings.

Relaxation corners

Create relaxation corners in your home. Place cushions, scented candles and natural elements in dedicated spaces for meditation or simply to unwind. These little oases will provide moments of calm in your day.

Fresh summer flavours

Experiment with a balanced diet, incorporating fresh summer flavours. In the kitchen, discover healthy recipes that nourish your body, using local and seasonal ingredients to enhance your wellbeing from within.

Conéctate con el presente

Aprovecha los jardines para sesiones de mindfulness al aire libre. Practica la atención plena, ya sea meditando o simplemente observando la naturaleza a tu alrededor. Estos momentos te ayudarán a encontrar la paz en el presente.

Take care of your body

Maintain proper hydration and care for your skin with spa treatments at home. Use quality products and create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom to pamper yourself with self-care sessions that refresh both your body and mind.


Tips for a complete experience:

Wellness calendar: Set up a wellness calendar to plan and follow your routines consistently.

Relaxing music: Accompany your wellness moments with soothing music that elevates the experience.

Take advantage of outdoor spaces: Use outdoor spaces to maximise your connection with nature.

At NCalma Homes, summer becomes an opportunity to nourish your body and mind in the comfort of your own home. Adopt these wellness routines to find balance, relaxation and serenity in every corner of your home in this oasis of tranquillity. Welcome to a summer of wellness with NCalma Homes!