Paradise less than an hour from Ibiza.

Ibiza can also be the starting point for discovering a true Mediterranean paradise: Formentera. Less than an hour by ferry from Ibiza, this Balearic island offers a tranquil and serene escape that will transport you to a world of natural beauty and unique charm. In this post, we invite you to explore the wonders that await you in Formentera.

White Sand Beaches and Turquoise Waters:

Formentera is famous for its dreamy beaches, with white sand and turquoise waters that rival some of the best in the world. Illetas beach is a must-see destination, with its long stretches of sand and breathtaking views.


Emblematic lighthouses:

Discover Formentera’s rich history by exploring its emblematic lighthouses. La Mola Lighthouse offers panoramic views of the cliffs and sea, while the Cap de Barbaria Lighthouse is known for its breathtaking sunsets.


Picturesque Villages:

Tour Formentera’s picturesque villages, where traditional architecture and narrow streets will transport you to an authentic and relaxed atmosphere. San Francisco Javier, the island’s capital, and Sant Ferran de ses Roques are charming places to explore.


Nature Reserves and Hiking Routes:

You can’t leave Formentera without immersing yourself in the island’s unspoilt nature, exploring its nature reserves. The Ses Salines Natural Park of Ibiza and Formentera is home to a variety of birds and offers hiking routes that take you to places of great beauty.


Local Markets and Handicrafts:

Discover the authenticity of local life by exploring Formentera’s markets. La Mola Market is known for its handicrafts, where you can find local products and unique souvenirs.


Formentera, with its discreet charm and natural beauty, offers you a unique experience less than an hour by ferry from Ibiza.

Whether relaxing on its beaches, exploring its historical sites or sampling the local gastronomy, every corner of Formentera invites you to discover an authentic Mediterranean paradise.

Get ready for an unforgettable getaway to this oasis of tranquillity and serenity!

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