5 Trending Colors in 2024

The year 2024 is shaping up to be a vibrant and bold canvas, where evocative tones and surprising palettes will take centre stage. In this article, we explore the five colours that are expected to set the tone in the world of interior design in 2024.

NCalma Homes

Terracotta: Warmth and Elegance


Terracotta appeared a few seasons ago and has emerged as a favourite choice in 2024. Its mix of red and brown creates a warm and welcoming palette, perfect for the design of spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. No longer just a colour associated with rustic elements, it adapts to modern and minimalist styles, bringing a sense of calm and sophistication.


Olive Green: Connecting with Nature


Olive green has established itself as a versatile shade that fuses the natural with the contemporary. It represents a connection to nature and simplicity. This colour is ideal for the design of common areas and rooms, as it adds freshness and a touch of serenity to any space.

Pinks and Reds: Energy and Passion


The combination of pinks and reds remains a bold choice in 2024. These colours bring energy and passion to room designs, perfect for highlighting focal points and expressing creativity. Use them on accessories, walls or furniture to add a vibrant, modern touch.


Warm Neutrals: Timelessness and Versatility


Warm neutrals, such as beige and soft earth tones, continue to be a timeless choice. These colours adapt easily to any style of décor and provide a neutral base that allows flexibility in the choice of furniture and accessories. Perfect for those looking for a classic and enduring design.

Intense and Light Blues: Serenity and Depth


The blue palette in 2024 has two main protagonists: very intense shades such as electric blue and very light blues. The former bring serenity and elegance, while the lighter shades create a sense of spaciousness and lightness. Try also using them in combination to achieve a striking visual balance in the design of the spaces in your home.

At NCalma we know that incorporating these colour trends into your designs can make all the difference, creating contemporary and fashionable spaces. Stay on top of these trends to ensure that every space you build reflects the best of modern interior design – the future of design is full of colour and creativity!