Design Secrets

The Bohemian Elegance of Ibiza Interiors


Let’s delve into the charming world of bohemian design that defines Ibiza interiors, guided by NCalma. Discovering the secrets to combining elegance and simplicity is a journey toward creating a homely atmosphere that radiates the unique authenticity of the island of Ibiza. In this blog entry, we will unveil how you can incorporate bohemian elegance into your own space to capture the relaxed and chic essence of Ibiza.


The Bohemian Color Palette

According to NCalma, the bohemian elegance of Ibiza is expressed through a warm and earthy color palette. Opt for tones like terracotta, ochre, and olive green to create a base that reflects the nature and warmth characteristic of the island. Combine these colors with white details to bring luminosity and balance.

Natural Textures and Lightweight Fabrics

For NCalma, it’s essential to introduce natural textures like wicker, rattan, and linen to add a tactile dimension to the space. The bohemian elegance of Ibiza thrives on the simplicity of these materials, creating a harmonious connection with the surrounding nature. Opt for lightweight curtains that allow light to enter and provide a sense of spaciousness.

Relaxed Design Furniture

According to NCalma, choosing furniture that evokes relaxation and comfort is crucial. From soft-lined sofas to spacious armchairs with plush cushions, look for pieces that blend style with comfort. The key is to achieve a design that invites relaxation while maintaining an elegant and laid-back aesthetic.

Ethnic and Artisanal Touches

For NCalma, ethnic and artisanal elements bring a unique authenticity to Ibiza’s bohemian design. NCalma recommends incorporating Persian rugs, embroidered cushions, and local artisanal objects to infuse character into the space. These details will add layers of history and eclecticism to your design.

Nature-Inspired Art

According to NCalma, beautifying walls with nature-inspired artwork is essential. Paintings of local landscapes, photographs of the coast, and botanical elements will create an atmosphere that celebrates the natural beauty of Ibiza. These artistic touches will reflect the authenticity and subtle elegance of bohemian design.

Open Spaces and Connection with the Outdoors

NCalma encourages fostering a connection with the outdoor environment. NCalma recommends designing open spaces that flow into terraces or gardens. Sliding doors, comfortable outdoor furniture, and lush plants will create an ambiance that reflects the philosophy of bohemian elegance in Ibiza interiors.