Decoration trends spring – summer 2024

The arrival of a new season brings with it a fresh wave of inspiration and creativity in the world of interior design.

To take the worry out of your mind, we at NCalma Homes have soaked up information on the decorating trends that will define spring and summer 2024. From vibrant colours to innovations in materials, find out how to transform your home into a modern, cutting-edge space.

Colour Palette Inspired by Nature:

The connection to nature continues to be an endless source of inspiration. The colour palette for the season is inspired by earthy tones such as soft greens, sky blues and warm earth tones. These colours create a calm and cool ambience, inviting calm and connection with the natural environment.


Sustainable and Ecological Materials:

Environmental awareness is reflected in the choice of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. From furniture to accessories, the trend is to opt for materials that minimise environmental impact. Certified wood, bamboo and recycled textiles are popular choices for embracing a more sustainable approach to home décor.


Botanical and Floral Prints:

Botanical and floral prints continue to take centre stage for the spring-summer 2024 season. From wallpaper to textiles, the presence of nature manifests itself in patterns that evoke lush gardens and floral landscapes. These elements add a fresh and vibrant touch to any space.


Functional Minimalism:

Minimalism remains a significant influence in interior design, but is now combined with functionality. Furniture that does double duty, multifunctional spaces and clean lines characterise functional minimalism. The idea is to create an uncluttered environment without sacrificing practicality and comfort.


Sculptural Lighting:

Lighting becomes an artistic expression with sculptural and creative designs. Geometric shaped pendant lights, innovative wall sconces and sculptural floor lamps are key elements that add an artistic and contemporary touch to the décor.



By embracing these spring-summer 2024 décor trends, you can transform your home into a contemporary and welcoming space. Whether it’s incorporating nature-inspired colours or choosing sustainable furnishings, these trends will allow you to create a fresh and fashionable environment to enjoy all season long – get ready to welcome spring and summer in style!