Art & Creativity: Projects to beautify your space

At NCalma Homes, where elegance and serenity intertwine, summer becomes the perfect season to explore your creativity and transform your home into a personal reflection of style and beauty. Discover inspiring art projects that will not only beautify your spaces at NCalma Homes, but also connect you to creative expression and aesthetic pleasure.


Custom Murals: Paint your own masterpiece


Unleash your creativity on the walls of your home. Create a custom mural in the corner of your choice. Use vibrant colours or soft tones to set the mood you want – your home, your masterpiece!

Decorative terrariums: Bring nature indoors

Immerse yourself in the world of terrariums, creating mini glass gardens that bring life and freshness to your spaces. Use succulents, decorative stones and sand to design unique terrariums that reflect your connection with nature.


Creative Photo Gallery: Capture special moments

Create a creative photo gallery on the walls of your home. Select your most special moments and personalise the frames with artistic details. This visual display will not only beautify your walls, but also remind you of your most precious memories.


Handmade textile tapestries: artisanal elegance

Explore artisanal elegance with handmade textile tapestries. Experiment with fabrics, colours and textures to create unique pieces that bring warmth and elegance to your spaces.


Floating shelves for key items: Minimalist organisation

Introduce floating shelves to display key items. Keep it simple by selecting a few elements that add character to your spaces without overwhelming in keeping with the minimalist philosophy.


Sculptural candles: Light and art in harmony

Experiment with candle sculpture. Design unique candles that not only illuminate your evenings, but also serve as art pieces when they are not lit. Play with shapes and colours to achieve a harmonious ambience.


Creative tips for an inspiring summer:

Set up a creative corner: Dedicate a corner in your home as your personal creative space.

Family projects: Involve the family in creative projects, encouraging teamwork and connection.

Explore new materials: Don’t be afraid to experiment with new materials and techniques to expand your artistic expression.